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Urgent Message for Lee and Bastrop County Residents!

Two important items for protection our groundwater require your participation!

Lee County Reminder this Monday night, April 8, 6 pm, Giddings Library! Flier attached here. Independent Texans and Environmental Stewardship will prepare you information for the CRITICAL Lost Pines Groundwater District Hearing on the 17th.  Spread the word, please!  You can also call or email your county commissioners here and Judge Fischer here.

Bastrop County please come to the Bastrop County Commissioner’s Court, also this Monday, at 9 am!  Judge Paul Pape and members of the Commissioners Court want to help protect our groundwater by passing the following resolution click here.  Please come at 9 am sharp, feel free to speak, and if you can’t make it, please call or send a message now to your commissioners here and Judge Pape here.  Thank them!

All Bastrop & Lee counties residents — remember we share the same districts covered by the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District.  We all need to be in Giddings on Wednesday, April 17th, 6 pm at Giddings City Hall.

IF Lost Pines GCD approves approximately 120,000 acre-feet in permit requests (107,000,000 million gallons per day), this is bad news for everyone but water profiteers and their friends.  Therefore, invite all your friends from Travis, Williamson, Hays and Bexar counties, set to receive these exports and include neighbors in Milam and Burleson counties whose groundwater district (Post Oak Savannah) is already over-pumping the same groundwater!

Most people we know want more serious conservation and protection of our aquifers.  This unites us all — regardless of party and ideology.


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