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Looking for a shred of truth not to shred it? Here ya go! But, please know that this is a work in progress.


We will not claim these recommended sites are “objective” but they are honest and spur critical thinking and have an independent edge.

If you have other blogs, podcasts, sites or books you’d like to see us list, please send them to us at

National  “This site is devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, “greens,” and independents alike, as well as many on the Right who agree with our opposition to imperialism.”

Ballot Access News:  written by the premiere ballt access expert for independents and minor parties in the country, Richard Winger. Take a look at the miles of work they do every month to chronicle lawsuits, petition drives, legislative changes, book reviews and more to open up and clean up elections in the USA. Subscribe if you care, about competitive elections like we do!


Blog Maverick -- The Mark Cuban Weblog: Know any billionaires who do their own weblog? This is one reason why some people call Mark Cuban the “people’s billionaire” or “shark for democracy.”

Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden’s attorney, and one of the most important independent journalists in the world is now at Substack and, as of 12/12/22, Greenwald is now on Rumble the co-called "free speech alternative to YouTube", m-F, 6 PM, CST. Paul Rieckhoff does terrific podcasts in his quest to speak to the 40% of Americans who call themselves independent.


Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity: The Institute and Paul are the most reliable anti-interventionist policy centers that we’re aware of. They also regularly reference


Charles Hugh Smith:  A progressive independent thinker who deep dives into the “deep state” that is doing great harm to our country’s economic and security well-being.

Edward Snowden is at Substack. Snowden and Greenwald call the mainstream media on fake news with brilliance and finesse as leaders in the battle for the right to dissent.

Matt Taibbi is on Substack, one of the most important and polarizing independent journalists in the world. He is now famous for having broken the Twitter Files story while keeping his independence in a dueling match with Elon Musk. a little doomsdayish, but who isn’t having come off of Wall Street (their names are fictitious). 



Grits for Breakfast:  Scott Henson is THE ace researcher, writer and policy guy on civil liberties and criminal justice in Texas. He also founded Just Liberty, a 501c4 organization that has forged cross-partisan agreement with iconic Texas conservatives such as Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht. 


Quorum Report: Harvey Kronberg is THE top-notch independent political analyst of Texas politics. Though you have to subscribe for his worthy deep analysis dives, you can get the “Buzz” for free.

Texas Monthly:  Texas Monthly one of the best and most fun magazines around that continues to grow in popularity. Great in-depth articles and lots of Texas history. 

Texas Tribune: Yes, we recommend "mainstream media," knowing what they do not cover is often where the problems are. That said, for some the best (well-done and reliable) of Texas news and political coverage, The Texas Tribune is where we often go first. As well, many of us continue to read the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle – the latter is beefing up their investigative journalism. We also love Dallas Morning News' consumer watchdog, Dave Lieber.


Your Local Press


If you’re lucky enough to have a local newspaper, we hope you will subscribe. Though many people are reading their news online, in rural communities, newspapers you can hold in your hand still play a very important role.

In Austin, we love The Austin Bulldog longtime professional writer, Ken Martin, is still the best around for local Austin news with a bite.

In Austin, we continue to follow articles by consumer advocate and environmentalist, Paul Robbins, who has published the Environmental Directory since 1995.

Don't forget the News blog of the League of Independent Voters of Texas


Books -- send us more with an independent book review!

"Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop," by Lee Drutman. Here’s this great review that Rich Winger of Ballot Access News wrote about the “Doom Loop” book.

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