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Short History

Independent Texans was founded in 2001. We were all changed, having been part of the jolt to the American political system by Ross Perot and the Reform Party USA. The grand experiment was gone in 4 short years. But we came away more dedicated to building the independent movement without a party. We continue to experiment with cross-partisan organizing -- bringing people together to formulate new solutions and ways to self-govern. For more history, visit our News section.

What’s an independent voter?

Independent voters vote for the person, not the party. We like to shop the ballot. Our views are not driven by a set of beliefs or ideology. Therefore, we independents do not fit into one political party.

Independents can be united behind those who genuinely work on our “bread and butter” issues and refrain from throwing us "red meat" to get elected. Here in Texas, we’d like to know if our electricity, water, transportation, housing, and other basics needs will be protected. Or will some politico be working overtime to leverage our basic needs for the profiteering of their donor pals?

Most of all, independent voters want electoral competition -- more choices at the ballot box -- and an end to one-party rule. That's all Republicans in statewide seats and all Democrats in our municipal government. And, we want more than two parties!


What is Independent Texans PAC?

Independent Texans PAC is a general-purpose political action committee registered with the state of Texas since 2001.


In the words of Shirley Chisholm, we are unbossed and unbought by the parties and their special interest backers. We are dedicated to providing a place for Texans to self-organize and to create solutions that depart from partisanship, ideology and the general ax-grinding that has turned millions of voters away from political participation.


What do we do?

We support or oppose ballot and bond measures and candidates running on any party line or as unaffiliated independents. In 2023 and 2024, we will provide training and education for candidates of any party or independent who want to run campaigns like the one we put Linda Curtis through in 2022

Our Legal Status
We support full disclosure of campaign contributions. We file reports of our donors and our expenditures, which you can view online at the Texas Ethics Commission.

Wanna help the independent movement grow?  Check out the League of Independent Voters of Texas, and become a member today.


Thank you for wanting to know about us!

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