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Today we called 100,000 voters, thanks to you!

Today we called nearly 100,000 voters, thanks to your contributions!  We’d like to do an additional 150,000 and can use some additional donations if you can spare more.  Click here to donate if you can. (Or send us a note about how much you are mailing to us at the PO box below).

It appears that we really put Politifact through their paces, with a little help from our former Texas Water Development Board friends who spilled the beans on the fine print of Prop 6:

Here’s another op-ed by yours truly printed in the Statesman:  We will also be on KPFT (Houston NPR) this coming Thursday at 3 pm.

We will be gathering on election night, next Tuesday, November 5th, in Austin. Please reply to this message if you would like to attend, have a location you’d like to suggest.

Below is a flier for you to simply forward to your email friends.  This flier and all kinds of good Nix 6 stuff is still on our website under the “Nix Prop 6” button.

Nix Prop 6!

Save Your Water, Save Your Wallets & Save Texas from Cronyism at its worst!

  1. Prop 6 diverts $2B from the Rainy Day Fund for water projects that will be decided by Perry’s handpicked cronies on the newly reorganized Texas Water Development Board.

  2. Prop 6 proponents haven’t answered – in plain English — why they need more money since they haven’t touched the $6B for the “revolving water bank” bonds they got in 2011!

  3. Prop 6 is a dangerous corporate welfare subsidy for well-heeled land and water speculators and the oil & gas lobby looking to make a fast buck in the midst of our historic drought.

  4. Prop 6 is dividing rural and urban Texans when we are natural allies. None of us want wasteful reservoirs, our aquifers drained nor to pay through the nose for water heists.

  5. Prop 6 will fuel the fires of population growth – spurred by the Governor and the growth lobby — that cannot be sustained because Texas is running out of water.

  6. Prop 6 ignores that water availability is a core function of government, requiring strict oversight.  These water robber barons will not operate in the light of day.

  7. Prop 6 big money backers at Water Texas PAC (set up by Texas House Speaker Joe Straus) and H204Texas PAC have a vested interest in getting this slush fund directed to new public-private partnerships when the money kicks in after March 2015!  All but 12 legislators have therefore literally left small towns running out of water high and dry.

  8. Contrary to claims by the proponents, Prop 6 has no real guarantees for conservation projects when we all agree that conservation should have been prioritized.  It just doesn’t.

Don’t let Perry’s political donors get their hands on our water! Shame on the Democrats for going along with this corruption!

Vote No on Prop 6!

Early Voting Starts on October 21, Election Day is Tuesday, November 5.

Learn more and share it with all your Texas voting friends:

Paid for by Independent Texans PAC, Marie Day, Treasurer

PO Box 651, Bastrop, TX 78602 * 512-535-0989 *


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