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Texas Water Board What Happened?

Thanks to the hundreds of you who signed petitions and/or who showed up today at the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) meeting.

While the Board got our message – that we organizing — we also got out-maneuvered.

The Simsboro Project was approved once again — but we expected that. However, what we didn't expect is a claim by the TWDB that because the Groundwater Districts still have the right to deny permits to private water vendors, we should have nothing to fear.

What the TWDB did was build a record for water vendors to use when they sue the Lost Pines Groundwater District, while they try other ways to get our water. This may include moving into Burleson County to try to get water from the same aquifer–where they hope there will be less resistance. As the Assistant General Manager of Aqua Water, Dave McMurry, put it today, these water vendors are going to "mine the aquifer with impunity, leaving our 55,000 members without water."

You can watch the testimony from today's meeting here–be sure to catch Allen Penn, Pati Jacobs and Phil Cook and others who follow the formal presentation starting at 51.44 minutes. And please note that Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt was MIA today:

Save the date for our meeting in Bastrop on January 15th (2-4 pm). And watch your emails over the holiday for developing plans.

We have only just begun to fight! John Paul Jones, Revolutionary War Hero.

Independent Texans

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PS Do you want to organize your own independent group in your area? Reply and let us know.



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