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Stop the Central Texas Water Grab: SB 341

Please call the Governor to urge that he veto of Senate Bill 341, in order to protect local control of water rights.

Senate Bill 341 will help San Antonio Water Systems (aka “SAWS”) in their quest for everyone else's water in central Texas — from BexarMet customers in northwest Bexar and Medina counties, to Victoria and Corpus Christi's, to Bastrop & Lee counties'. How? By setting a very bad precedent that boils down (pardon the pun) to regulation without representation. Right now, BexarMet customers vote on their leadership. BexarMet has had internal problems, to be sure, but SAWS is trying to exploit that now in order to build a virtual water monopoly in central Texas in the future.

Here's the real kicker. If SB 341 passes, BexarMet customers will be asked to vote to end their own voting rights! SB 271 is also sitting on the Governor's desk. It would go a long way to reforming BexarMet by instituting term limits and legislative oversite — and BexarMet customers get to keep their voting rights.

Please call the Governor NOW between 8 and 5 pm at 512-463-2000, and ask for a veto of SB 341.



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