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Stop Formula 1 Subsidies!

In the midst of budget cuts on ordinary citizens, the state legislature has not yet seen fit to cut the billionaires at Formula 1 racing, who do not need a subsidy. (Comptroller Susan Combs continues to push this $290M ($25M per year for 10 years) tax dollar giveaway. It must be matched by either the City of Austin or the County of Travis by $4M per year.

You can watch this video of Susan Moffat's testimony to the Austin City Council on Thursday (who's husband co-owns South by Southwest Music and Film Festivals, that's brought hundreds of million of dollars to Austin without a handout) or read the article by Pulitzer Prizing winning journalist, David Cay Johntson, to see what a turkey this deal is.


1. Call your Texas House or Senate member and tell them to cut the billionaires at F1.

2. Get active! Join us on our conference call TOMORROW (Monday) night at 8 pm. Just hit reply and we'll send details.

Thank you to the many who have called to ask the Governor to veto SB 341. The Governor's line, again, is 512-463-2000. They're just tallying numbers now, so it's a very quick call.

Hope to "see" ya tomorrow night at 8 on the conference call line. Send a note to us at: if you want to join the call. Give us your name, zip and phone.

Agenda for the call:

1. Upcoming Texas elections. Where can we elect an independent?

2. What should we be doing this summer to help grow the independent movement?

3. Your suggestions/ideas/brainstorm!


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