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Nose Grows on the Hose! Filing deadline on Monday!

Be on Tuesday’s call. Contact us for details.

Join us for a conference call next Tuesday night at 8 pm, the day after the filing deadline for candidates to run in the 2018 election. Reply for details.

We urge your immediate attention to the Monday, 6 pm filing deadline for all candidates to run in the 2018 midterm election – for federal to state all the way down to county offices.

Texas and national politics are in such upheaval, anything could happen, folks! More below.

News Flashes!

Is 2018 a breakout year for independent voters? This new USA poll released last week shows that 71 percent

Business as usual as the nose grows

of “millennials think there should be a third major party because neither the Republican nor Democratic parties represent the American people well.” Are incoming generations telling us something about the future of two-partyism and are we listening yet? The San Antone Hose (Vista Ridge) dam experienced a major leak on Thursday ! After nearly 5 hours of rather entertaining deliberation — watching SAWS officers dance like marionettes (with very long noses)– three brave souls on the new San Antonio Council finally bucked SAWS and Mayor Ron Nirenberg. It was our kinda crew — a conservative-liberal (cross-partisan) alliance of Councilman Greg Brockhouse (a longtime opponent to Vista Ridge), Clayton Perry (formerly from Giddings, home of the fight to protect the Simsboro) and progressive John Courage who was elected in the so-called most conservative district. You done us proud, Councilmen! We lost the skirmish, but the war ain’t over yet. More on the conference call on Tuesday. (If you never watched the League of Independent Voters’ “I Oppose the San Antone Hose” video, please do before Sunday’s call.) It became known late yesterday that State Representative Leighton Schubert, HD 13 – the counties of Burleson, Austin, Colorado, Grimes, Washington and Lavaca — is not running for reelection. Remember the Monday, December 11 deadline! Schubert represents the home of the San Antone Hose (Burleson County) and still unwilling “source communities”.

The continued disarray of the state Democratic Party ensures one-party rule (Republican) at the state level, despite the fracturing of the Republican Party. Democratic one-party rule, in many Texas municipalities ensures such truly terrible projects like San Antonio’s Vista Ridge, Austin’s CodeNEXT and you fill in the blank because they are happening all over, including in small towns and counties.

Our longtime call has been for electoral competition and its un-rigging, like non-partisan independent redistricting, fair ballot access and the end of straight ticket voting is finally gaining traction. It is none-too soon as California burns and Texas continues to employ the California Water Model to drain our water and coffers.

This all must and will end. But might we try not with yet another disaster?

We stand ready to assist in whatever way we can for those interested in running for office this year – and regardless of party.


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