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Monday San Antonio! Defeat Props 2 & 4

Wanna know how ordinary Texans can unite to shoot down two treacherous statewide propositions this November — to protect your water & your wallets?

Come to San Antonio this Monday night (flier below)!  Witness the indomitable conservative Terri Hall of TURF and the invulnerable progressive Phil Cook, Lost Pines Sierra Club, AGREE that defeating Props 2 & 4 are serious dangers to water rights, water conservation AND a misuse of property taxes!

Too far to drive?  Forward this message, or use the share button on this page.

Use the donate button to the right OR send a check to Independent Texans at PO Box 651, Bastrop, TX 78602.  Click here to see what we need funds for.

For more info on the on the propositions, click here.  Early voting begins October 24!


*  TTC DEFEAT CELEBRATION!  We ALL need to be at TURF’s luncheon banquet in Austin, Saturday, October 15, 1-3:30 pm to THANK Rep. Lois Kolkhorst for her leadership to defeat the TTC.  Tickets are as little as $10. But, get your tickets NOW!

*  On the presidential trail, have you entered your “Testimonial” about life under Perryism at yet?  The site will soon be sent to 14,000 national media and bloggers, and tens of thousands of independent voters across America. (Note: you can use whatever name you wish under which to post.)

See some of y’all in San Antonio for NOT our last stand — promise!

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