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Lost Pines Groundwater District Stunned Us – THANK YOU!

Folks, we were so stunned last night by the stand of the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District to ratchet back two of the three permits for groundwater from the Simsboro Aquifer, it took us a few minutes to realize what a HUGE victory it was!

Click here to read Environmental Stewardship’s cogent analysis of the Board’s truly courageous stand last night.

Please get a note to the Lost Pines Board and to our two County Judges below and give them a BIG THANK YOU!  Let them know that if Forestar Real Estate Group even so much as thinks about suing OUR groundwater district, you will help us raise the funds to turn this into a landmark case for the people of Texas!

We also are making regional news!  Here’s a radio report from Statewide Impact News.  YNN Austin TV News continues their extensive coverage and the Austin American-Statesman (Asher Price) attended last night’s meeting.  If water marketers continue to try to raid the Simsboro Aquifer, we WILL fight back and this might just get us a real chance to win new rounds beyond our water district.

More coming soon.  Yahoo y’all — get some rest for the next round!

Independently yours,

Linda Curtis Independent Texans

PS  Despite being in a recent car accident, Lee County Judge Fischer was present last night, so we especially appreciate him and wish him the best!


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