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Just filed our petition in Bastrop!

At approximately 10:30 am today, we filed our charter amendment petition with the City

of Bastrop!

Click here to read our media release and a memorandum to Bastrop Mayor Ken Kesselus and the Bastrop City Council. It also contains the slide show linked under the picture to the right, “The Right to Petition: Bastrop Voters’ Source of Power to Take Back Their Town“. (You can also click on the picture to go directly to our slide show.)

Bastrop, the home of the water wars, is otherwise no different than many towns and cities across Texas. The “good ol’ boys” are running amok and you — and we at Independent Texans — do not have to put up with it. That’s because the people of Texas, in the late 1800s, had the good sense to build a movement for the right to petition for initiative, referendum and recall.

Share the materials and let us know how we can help you and yours take back your own town!


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