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How Combs Cooked the F1 Books

Richard Viktorin is a CPA and forensic auditor and a former Director at the Texas Commerce Department who worked in economic development.  In his testimony before the Austin City Council last week, Viktorin shows how Comptroller Susan Combs “cooked” the books to try to justify giving taxpayer dollars to Formula 1 racing.  Just one more reason why Combs should resign.

Click on the link below to watch the video:

Austin voters just tossed an incumbent City Council member, Randi Shade, and elected Kathie Tovo, in part because of Shade and other’s support for a city subsidy of F1.  If the Austin City Council signs off on the deal, it will trigger the release by Combs of a $25M+ subsidy per year for 10 years of Formula 1 racing in Austin — owned by billionaires Bernie Ecclestone and Red McCombs.  For more go to


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