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Help Nix 6 Reach 250K Voters! Hays County GCD Election too!

Early voting ends this coming Friday, November 1.

Only 800K people will vote in this election.  We need your help to reach 250K!

The Prop 6 juggernaut is in full swing with TV ads and even “earned media”, like a truly unbalanced “debate” this morning on KXAN-TV (Austin). We’ll be calling KXAN to complain, but here’s our very best shot to Nix 6.

We’ve got 250,000 phone numbers to call!  We need your help!

*  You can volunteer to reach people with help from our automated dialer — you just sit at a phone for the folks who want to “press 1” to speak to a live volunteer, OR

*  You can contribute to help us raise an additional $2000 to make sure all these numbers are dialed over the next three days.

And/or call us at 512-535-0989 to volunteer!

Hays County water deal could spark legal battle | — Forestar Real Estate. If Prop 6 passes, you’ll see corporate raiders like Forestar Real Estate, with the aid of corrupt officials, like Hays County Judge Cobb (who pretends to be a judge and jury), feeling like they have a green light to keep on stealing from Peter (Mother Nature) to pay almighty Paul — the growth lobby.

Don’t forget to keep pushing out our Nix Prop 6 message from our Facebook page here.

Don’t let them get away with this!

You Hays County Folks, please consider putting someone on your groundwater district who will fight, alongside the good folks in Bastrop and Lee counties — see more about Linda Kay Rogers here.


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