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HB 3250 to protect aquifers hearing! Clarification on Giddings Meeting/Hearing!

If you agree that we should “Conserve First, Import Later”, protect Texas aquifers and call the water profiteers off Texas landowners, we urge your support for House Bill 3250.  It’s up for hearing this Tuesday, the day before crucial hearings begin in Giddings.

House Bill 3250, proposed by the Texas Landowners Council (TLC), and introduced by Rep. Bill Callageri (Katy), gives landowners the ability to require Groundwater Conservation Districts to reduce production of groundwater where the rate of production is drawing down their wells.  Read TLC’s bill analysis here.

What you can do to help: 1.  Email the Natural Resources Committee if you live in their districts.

2.  House Bill 4, already passed the House (now there’s a fight brewing about it), sets up a water bank for good and TERRIBLE water projects that can raid aquifers.  Call or write your legislator, no matter where you live and tell them Conserve First, Import Later and that you’re counting on them to protect our aquifers and landowners. Plan to call again on “Flood the Legislature Call-In Day” next Friday, April 19th.

3.  Attend the Tuesday hearing on HB 3250. (Note:  It starts at 8 a.m. but it’s likely it will come up late.  Call 512-657-2089 for regular updates throughout the day.)

4.  Come to the Giddings Hearings – TIMES CHANGED SLIGHTLY – Wed. 6 pm, Thurs. 6 pmflier here.  We’re bringing out media and shooting for statewide coverage so bring something visual (pitchforks, scarecrows…??)

We need to quickly raise $1,000-1,500 to reach voters in the districts of the Natural Resources Committee.  Please give online at our website, or, if you’re sending a check reply to this message with the amount, so we can plan.

If you have a landline and high-speed internet from home, you can also volunteer your time.

Thank you Texas, you know what to do.


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