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Endorsements. Split Your Ticket! Watch your wallet and your water!

We know who you are — you’re cats not easily herded — but for what it’s worth:

Independent Texans Proudly Endorses — Split Your Ticket, y’all!

Texans are going more and more independent — we vote for the person rather than party — and we’re looking for a way out of the two-party dualpoly.

We have some candidate endorsements, including our only statewide endorsement (Mark Miller for Rail Road Commission). And we are very concerned about ballot measures involving billions of tax dollars.

We are opposing Prop 1 in Austin and Props 1&2 in Hays County. In the City of Bastrop, we support More Reasonable Petition Requirements (Props 1 thru 5) as voters’ check and balance on local government.

See all of our on this Endorsements Page — you use the share buttons on this page to tell your friends on Facebook.

Thank you, independent-minded, split ticket voting Texans, wherever you are!

PS Why no presidential or federal endorsements? We are “localists” and don’t — yet — get involved in federal elections especially without redistricting reform. Though we do have one Congressional race with an honorable mention of longtime independent friend running on the Democratic ticket, Tom Wakeley in Congressional District 21.


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