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Don’t miss Monday’s hearing with EndOp; Forestar Files Motion for Rehearing (no surprise

REMINDER:  Preliminary Hearing this coming Monday, August 12, 10 am at the Bastrop Convention Center.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a hearing at which the community is invited to speak.  This is a hearing before a Judge with the State Office of Administrative Hearings, who will determine whether landowners, including Environmental Stewardship, should be granted “party status” (the right to have a voice) in the challenge that Aqua Water Supply Coop has filed against EndOp and their permit request for 56,000 acre-feet per year.  Please come!

ALSO PLEASE NOTE:   Just as we expected, Forestar Real Estate Group, has filed for a rehearing with the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District.  Folks, this is something they must do in order to be in a position to sue the Lost Pines GCD.  It’s apparent that the Lost Pines GCD is sticking to its guns with their decision made last May to grant them 12,000 acre-feet per year (not 45,000) of groundwater from the Simsboro.  But these water speculators are just not satisfied — so they call us “NIMBY” in their Motion for Rehearing, page 8 (towards the bottom).

It is residents and landowners’ positions in Lee County, where Forestar wants to sink its wells (in part, on property owned by our own State Representative, Tim Kleinschmidt), who ARE indeed looking out for their neighbors.  Call them all the names you want, Forestar.  It’s game on!



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