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Call Your Rep Right Now!

There is an amendment that is being debated right now on the House Floor that we can kill with just a few phone calls.

If allowed, it will give yet another advantage to polluters who could care less about our state's most precious resource — drinking water.

Rep. Chisum's amendment — HB 2694 — would slyly place the ‘burden of proof’ on those contesting a pollution control permit. Currently the burden of proof is where it should be – on polluters – to demonstrate that their discharges into the water or emissions into the air will be within legal limits and will not produce adverse impacts. This couldn't be more relevant now as natural gas fracking wells continue to soar across the state and so far, our legislators have shown little gumption to stand up to the big oil and gas boys. They continue to let the Railroad Commission permit the use of our drinking water for natural gas drilling. (And you can forget about any concerns about the potential for contamination of our drinking water!)

All you gotta do is call now into the Capitol Switchboard at (512) 463-4630.

Ask for your state representative. The switchboard will ask you your address and then send you to the right office.

THE MESSAGE IS REAL SIMPLE: Tell your Rep to kill HB 2694.

Get ready for a massive call-in day we're planning for May Day (actually Monday, May 2nd).

Now, please just make that call today. Thank you!



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