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Breaking: Clear Defiance of Open Government

The Bastrop Advertiser/Statesman reports that the Bastrop Interim City Attorney told Council member ______ (no name given) not to turn over their text messages subject to our open records request in August. In 2009, then Attorney General Greg Abbott opined that these records are subject to open records when related to government business. Note: Bastrop Interim CA (David Bragg) also split up our ballot measure, “Reasonable Petition Requirements for the City of Bastrop” into 5 separate propositions.

That’s right, Bastrop city voters will have to vote FIVE TIMES to get their petition rights. Early voting starts on Oct. 24.

Do you use Facebook? You might go to the Bastrop Advertiser Facebook page here and chime in on this issue. We did this petition drive for you — and people facing rouge city councils all across the state who don’t seem to give a hoot about open

government or your petition rights to check and balance your city government. Now, it’s your turn.

We had a blast at the Growth Summit Picket last week. Thanks to San Marcos resident, Callie Hill, you can watch this three minute video. (click on it). We deeply appreciate the people who came to picket — they’re in the video, god love ’em!

Don’t Miss These Events — Austin and Bastrop!

“Reboot 10-1” in Austin this Thursday! Details here. Learn about the $720 million “Go Big” transportation bonds. Are they really going to help congestion and what will they really cost you?

“Bastrop: Beacon for Affordability or Austin’s Dumping Ground?” on Monday 7 pm, October 3rd with Austin real estate developer-whistleblower, Brian Rodgers. Details here. Note: We will also tell you what the the bonds in Bastrop County are going to cost you and have materials you can distribute to pass “Petition Rights”.

We need your donations, for all the work that we do. Give a little or a lot and invite us to come to you! (Use the donate button at the top of this page and thank you!)

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