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Bastrop recall, mob rule or Keystone cops? Crouch spills beans on NextDoor.

Updated: May 1

Piture of man-wolfe
Beware of false prophets and profits.

Citizens of Bastrop: Please show up Monday, April 29, 5:30 pm at Bastrop City Hall for a Special Meeting of the Bastrop City Council. It appears that some members of the Council are trying to humiliate Mayor Lyle Nelson and force him to resign. That way, they don't have do the very hard work of collecting signatures signatures of 25% of eligible voters to recall him.

Independent Texans PAC supports the right to recall, but it's not a tool for elected officials, it's for citizens.

Here's what we had to say to the Bastrop City Council at a Special meeting on April 29th.

Recall is meant to be an important tool for citizens, not for mob rule or by members of the City Council against their adversaries. It appears to us that some members of the Bastrop City Council, certainly John Kirkland, are hiding behind Lindy Larson's name on their petition drive. Ms. Larson owns a home in the City, but is not registered to vote in Bastrop.

On Thursday, April 25, Council Member Jimmy Crouch posted a fairly garbled statement on NextDoor, about what he admits is an incomplete investigation. Crouch began by throwing out the figure of "$70,000," and then, it's more like $2,000 that is in question but ends with, "$1 is too much when it is public money." Moreover folks, this is not missing funds. It's missing receipts over several years for expenditures by an organization that has a $2 million annual budget! Is this Keystone Cops or what?

Here's Crouch's Thursday post on NextDoor and below it, the wording on the recall petition.

picture of post on NextDoor
Jimmy Crouch post on NextDoor

The recall petition states: "The Bastrop Board of Ethics has unanimously determined that Mayor Lyle Nelson has violated Bastrop’s Ethics Ordinance for Abuse of Position, Interference and been formally reprimanded for interfering in an investigation into misuse of public funds by his girlfriend. The demonstrated lying and other interference have violated the public trust. The undersigned demand the removal of Mayor Lyle Nelson."

This recall campaign appears to us as a manipulation of facts and outright taxpayer abuse. We don't yet know how much the City has spent on three outside attorneys for the prosecution and persecution of Lyle Nelson for making the mistake of having an affair, but we shall find out soon enough when the investigation (assuming there is one) is completed and released to the public.

Folks, we can put a stop to deceiving voters on the taxpayers' dime. Let's talk about it on Sunday and be there on Monday. And read all the way to the end of this article for what you can do. Reach us at 512.697.8809 or email us at anytime to pitch in.


We're just guessing, but we suspect the rush to judgment by some on the City Council has something to do with the rushed "deal on the hill" -- the Gateway Project and the desire to control development decisions in the City by a clique on this Council. It’s probably not a coincidence that Fossler, Crouch’s opponent for a council seat, also opposes the zoning change to make way for this project.

BELOW IS BASTROP CIVIC LEADER, DEBBIE MOORE'S TESTIMONY TO BASTROP CITY COUNCIL, APRIL 23: Please also note that Lyle Nelson has repeatedly sworn that he has had no knowledge about any "misuse of funds," and keeps urging folks to read the investigating attorney, Sarah Glazer's report, especially page 4 where Glazer says,

"The Mayor denied any knowledge of misuse of public funds, and my investigation to date uncovered no evidence otherwise."

Last August, attorney Sarah Glaser was hired to investigate some complaints from employees of Visit Bastrop regarding the relationship of the CEO and Bastrop's mayor. There was concern that some public funds had been used improperly in connection with their intimate relationship.

According to Ms. Glaser's report, "It appeared that a number of the transactions were legitimate business expenses," and stated further that there was some concern because, " business-related travel expenses... .which were missing a receipt."

Do I condone their relationship? No, but it's between Mayor Nelson and his wife and is none of my or your business.

Is there any evidence that some $70,000 or more of Visit Bastrop funds were misspent between the two on dinners, travel or other? None that I have seen.

In fact, a forensic auditor did an intensive investigation and found NO evidence of improperly spent funds. There were receipts totaling around $2,000 or less that only needed signatures and/or documentation. The VB budget was around $2 million annually.

However, this Council and City Manager have not released that report. The cloud of suspicion still hangs over the Mayor's head. He has been tried and found guilty of stealing $70,000 in the court of the Bastrop rumor mill.

It's time that all of the findings from all of the attorneys and specialists - paid for by Bastrop taxpayers - be released; the whole truth be told; and this matter be closed.

It's also time that Mr. Kirkland's recall petition be recalled and the Council get on with the business of Bastrop.

Debbie Moore is a respected Bastrop civic leader having served on the first Main Street Board after the program began in 2007 until 2012, when she was asked to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission. She chaired P&Z for most of the 11 years she served on P&Z.

The Fun Part: What can you do?

  • Get your City of Bastrop voter friends out to vote for Kerry Fossler in Place 4. Early voting ends on Tuesday, April 30, Election Day is Saturday, May 4. We will have our own fliers to give to you on Monday night.

  • Join us on Zoom this Sunday at 4 pm. RSVP here. And show up at City Hall on Monday at 5:30 pm. Mark your calendar for the Special Meeting of Planning and Zoning on Gateway on Thursday, May 9, 6 pm.

  • Share this message with your fellow Bastropians, and urge them to withhold judgment and their signatures until all information is fully released to the public. PS We are happy to be corrected on anything in this message. Use the comments section below. Disclosure: Independent Texans is supporting Kerry Fossler, in the city election underway for Place 4 in her contest with current Bastrop City Council Member, Jimmy Crouch. See home page.


We suggest you read this article published on the League of Independent Voters' news blog with important background about the controversial Gateway project: "Nip it in the bud, Bastrop."



Apr 30

If there are any “facts” in the recall petition that are proven false in any investigation i believe there are grounds for a lawsuit.. stay tuned.


Apr 29

Linda Curtis here. Petitions are free speech. It's doubtful they can be sued for issuing this petition. But let public opinion reign supreme. This has all the makings of a political hatchet job.

Those distributing this petition are required by law to remove signatures upon request BEFORE the petition is filed.

Recalls are hard -- as they should be -- and should be based on clear evidence of abuse of office. In our judgement, that is not the case with Mayor Lyle Nelson.

Nip it in the bud, y'all!


Apr 26

It seems to me that petition has created grounds for a lawsuit by lyle.

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