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VanDeaver & Burns v. Billionaire Bucks and the Texas Sidestep • Vote in GOP runoff May 28!

Updated: May 6

Enjoy and share these sassy 30-second videos to help reelect Rep. Gary VanDeaver of NE Texas and Rep. DeWayne Burns!

Independent Texans PAC supports the reelection of State Rep. Gary VanDeaver, House District 1, in NE Texas, and Rep. DeWayne Burns, House District 58 in the Cleburne area.

Buried in all the billionaire bucks flying around from across the state and country, VanDeaver has pushed to stop the Marvin Nichols Reservoir, requiring mass flooding of prime timberland and private property. VanDeaver and Burns are water protection and property rights guys and they are both honest men.

Also, Rep. DeWayne Burns helped lead a big coalition, including the Farm Bureau, for eminent domain reform that has repeatedly been thwarted by billionaire bucks. Texas is one of the top ten states for eminent domain abuse. (See Institute for Justice article.)

Let's buck these dudes off our water, our land, and our right to representation guaranteed by the Texas and US constitutions. The "dudes" are West Texas billionaire bully, Tim Dunn, TikTok investor Jeff Yass of Pennsylvania (the largest contributor in the nation!), and the Washington D.C. based political whorehouse, Club for Growth. (See Quorum Report article on Club for Growth.)

WHAT YOU CAN DO! Please enjoy and share both videos from this page OR from our Independent Texans PAC Facebook page here. They can also be found on YouTube -- VanDeaver here -- and Burns here. Most important! Reach out to us to volunteer some time to help us reach voters with our "each one, reach one" approach.


If you voted in the Republican Primary OR not at all, you may vote in the Republican Party Primary runoff. Early voting is May 20-24. Election Day is Tuesday, May 28.

Contact us at 512.697.8809 or email us at

Feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this page. We love hearing from you, even if you disagree. Just be nice. :)

Sincerely yours, Independents for a Lot More Fun and NO games!

PS Visit news for more about the independent political movement.



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