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Bastrop & Lee County Water Update: What happened on Wednesday night

Friends in Bastrop & Lee Counties:

Thanks to the more than 100 folks who came out last night and stood up when Darwyn Hanna spoke to thank the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District (LPGCD) for standing tall to protect our water and aquifers.

WHAT HAPPENED?  Forestar formally requested the “Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law” posted below.  Now they have 20 days to request a rehearing.  Whether, when and if they get a rehearing is anyone’s guess — it’s up to the LPGCD to grant such a rehearing.   Here’s the Findings of Facts:

THE LOST PINES WATER DEFENSE FUND has been established:  We announced the fund last night to the seeming delight of the LPGCD.  Though Forestar has not yet sued the district, they are clearly positioning to do so.  What’s more, landowners are already seeking “party status” to join Aqua Water’s challenge to the EndOp application for 56,000 acre/feet/year.  Landowners and residents, in order to be represented in both these legal proceedings, need our own fund.  Read the statement below about this fund, and please consider sending a donation today.

FURTHER ACTIONS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION:  Please save the date for the September 21st (Saturday, 10 to 5 pm) Independent Texans’ Convention at the Bastrop Convention Center. The theme of this convention is, “Building Cross-Partisan Coalitions”.  Watch for the convention agenda coming soon!

It’s going to be a long haul, folks, so let’s stick together!

Click here to read about the:  Lost Pines Water Defense Fund

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