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We proudly endorse!

Texas Governor — Give Rick the Boot! Indy Voters are split between Glass and White. If you're still undecided:

Watch the last Texas Gubernatorial Debate, Sept. 19, 2010 (minus Rick, who refused to debate, but of course!)

Pati Jacobs for State Representative, District 17* (running against Republican incumbent Tim Kleinschmidt)…if you're undecided, watch the one and only debate in this race on the right hand side of this page (for Bastrop, Burleson, Colorado, Lee, Fayette and the western portion of Brazos counties).

For Bastrop County, minus Smithville who will not have it on their ballot, Vote No on ACC Annexation. (or read the next post if undecided)

Our members are split down the middle between Kathie Glass and former Houston Mayor Bill White. The issue continues to be Perry's corruption, turning every state agency into a cash cow for a permanent incumbency like he did TxDOT. We do not want the Republican Party (or any single party) in full control of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches (a little gridlock, in this case could be good) and Rick Perry has simply been there too long. His refusal to debate belies what he thinks about voters in this state, not to mention our political process. But then, what did you expect from a guy who wanted to conduct the largest land grab in US history – the Trans-Texas Corridor.

The second day of early voting, you can watch the last gubernatorial debate on Tuesday, Oct. 19th, 7 pm on KLRU and many other PBS stations. Perry has refused to participate in this one as all others. If you're an independent voter, please take our poll on the right hand side of this page (scroll down) after the debate.

Independent Texans! We need your help wherever you live, on these two races, so in two years we'll be doing this all over Texas!

* Rep. Kleinschmidt's (R-Giddings) silence on the water pipeline issue, together with his attacks on Pati Jacobs, make clear he is in on the deal with Perry appointees on the Texas Water Development Board to move Bastrop & Lee counties' groundwater to San Antonio, potentially leaving us high and dry. He did played the same game on the Trans-Texas Corridor.

For Bastrop County (minus Smithville who will not have it on their ballot) Vote NO on ACC Annexation!

Bastrop County is one of the poorest and most over-taxed areas of the state. ACC is welcome to use the new Cedar Creek High School to hold classes, but not welcome to add more taxation in a struggling community. Read more here courtesy of the Bastrop County Taxpayers Association.

We need your help to reach voters with this message! Call us or reply to this message, or simply copy one of three fliers below and get it to your friends & neighbors anywhere in Bastrop, Burleson, Colorado, Fayette and Lee counties, and the westside of Brazos County (map).

Too busy to be active? DONATE HERE (or send an email to or call us at 512-535-7208.

We have only just begun to fight. John Paul Jones, Revolutionary War Hero

You may print off the flyer which is corresponds to where you live. These are also available by accessing the Menu tab "Endorsements" and clicking on "Candidate Flyers".



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