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Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Did you hear the stick of media dynamite that went off on January 30? Jeff Gerth, a retired 30-year veteran NY Times investigative writer and 1999 Pulitzer Prize winner, published an exhaustive 24,000-word four-part series in the prestigious Columbia Journalism Review entitled, “The press versus the president.” The series makes painfully

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clear that the NY Times and other major media outlets including the Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS and others ran with falsified "evidence" to giving us regular Americans three years of so-called “Russiagate” and partisan blood-bathing.

For crying out loud, some of us have never forgiven the NY Times for printing false information on weapons of mass destruction that precipitated America's entry into the Iraq War in 2003. At least the Times issued its own critique in 2004! To date, despite Gerth’s well-documented claims, the NY Times has said bupkis about it. Someone please tell us how to keep blowing the whistle on words of mass destruction.

Gerth's series was covered immediately on FOX News, something to be expected. We heard about it first on January 31 on Glenn Greenwald's new daily "System Update" show on Rumble.

A February 3 article in RealClearPolitics, known for balanced news, takes on the NY Times for continued mischief as recently as January 26. If you don’t have the time or interest in reading Gerth’s full series, we highly recommend you read J. Peder Zane's RealClearPolitics article "Revealing the New York Times' Deceitful Russiagate Coverage." Zane’s article clearly supports his conclusion statement:

"My main conclusion is that journalism's primary missions, informing the public and holding powerful interests accountable, have been undermined by the erosion of journalistic norms and the media's own lack of transparency about its work. This combination adds to people's distrust about the media and exacerbates frayed political and social differences. During this time, when the media is under extraordinary attack and widely distrusted, transparent, unbiased, and accountable media is more needed than ever. It's one of a journalist's best tools to distinguish themselves from all the misinformation, gossip, and rumor that proliferates on the Web and then gets legitimized on occasion by politicians of all stripes, including Trump."

By the way, a Mother Jones Magazine piece published on February 2, "Columbia Journalism Review's Big Fail: It Published 24,000 Words on Russiagate and Missed the Point," is an unfortunate display of how independent publications are sometimes part of the problem. Rather than applaud Gerth’s whistle-blowing and even disagree with it based on facts, MJ chose to write half-hysterical tripe like this:

"Gerth ends up bolstering Trump's phony narrative that there is no Russia scandal, just merely a hoax whipped up by reckless reporters and Trump's enemies in the press, with the assistance of the Deep State."

LIV applauds Jeff Gerth, a credit to his profession, Glenn Greenwald, J. Peder Zane at RealClearPolitics, and a growing legion of independent journalists flourishing by printing the news that’s fit to print. Their efforts are wholly necessary for developing a genuinely independent political movement.

Update: On February 8, independent journalist Matt Taibbi published this eye opening interview with Jeff Gerth, Take a Bow, Columbia Journalism Review. LIV encourages you to subscribe to Taibbi and other worthy independent journalists, and your local news providers.

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Thank you, Barry Klein, a longtime friend of the independent movement and advocate for petition rights that goes way back. We appreciate you, Barry! Linda Curtis


14 de fev. de 2023

Glad to see IndyTexans weigh in on foreign policy! I am active with, a Houston group that opposes unconstitutional warmaking. We have a localist approach which is explained on our Take Action page. ....Barry Klein/

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