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Truth Be Tolled, documentary showing October 7/06

Independent Texans is sponsoring the showing of William H. Molina’s ‘Truth Be Tolled’. It will show next saturday October 7th, 7pm at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater on 1120 South Lamar. IT reserved one of the halls to show the documentary and ya’ll can come but we do need reservations! Please email Linda at to reserve space for this fascinating documentary. Donations will be requested at the door but it’s up to you, we’re not asking for ‘an arm and a leg’! Also, for those of you who’re not in ‘the know’; the Alamo theater is famous for their offerings of food and drinks (incl. wine and beer, check out their site) that you can order before and during any movie showing. This is a great version of dinner and a movie!

Check out the trailer of Truth Be Tolled and hope to see you there!



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