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The People's Ad

This morning , ‘the People’s TV Ad’ started showing in Dallas-Ft. Worth. We need to show millions of Texans in the rest of the state this ad for which we need to raise funds of $200,000 by this Thursday! Even if you don’t think you can give enough,every little chunk a change will help . This is how it breaks down:

$50 will educate 2000+ Texans

$100 will educate 4000+ Texans

$250 will educate 10,000+ Texans

and $500 will educate 20,000+ Texans.

Please view the TV Ad here: Texas Toll Party TV AD

Please consider donating to help reach those voters who need to make an informed decision about something that has been ‘sold’ to us as a done deal. If anything has been sold, it’s our land and our decision/vote to agree on such a deal or not!

For secure online donation: Texas Toll Party Donation .

Go to to send a message to your Representative.




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