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Texans RULE

Texans RULE


We didn’t send you to Austin to do as you please.

You’re in Austin to represent US and OUR needs.

Are you listening to those folks from back home

or still to Governor Perry who sits on his throne?

Fair Warning to all-DON’T BE A FOOL.

From here on out, it’s TEXANS  who RULE.

We don’t want the TTC or whatever you call it today.

We want it gone, and we mean ALL THE WAY.

We demand strong eminent domain protection.

Remember, you’re only in Austin because of an election.

If You won’t vote according to the majority,

You can be sent home by OUR voting authority.

And while I’m at it, here’s a little more nagging.

We don’t want NAIS or animal tagging.

That favors the rich and not people like us.

If you can’t understand, just GO … get on the bus!

And I might as well continue-here’s a few more little things:

We want Fair Redistricting Lines without any strings!

WATER is a birth right and not a commodity.

Any other thought on this matter is a pure absurdity.

And since I’m on a roll, let’s not stop now-

We want Fair Ballot Access.  We want it .. AND HOW!

Then we might find someone without a HEARING LOSS.

Someone who wouldn’t give us the old double cross.

So hear this warning and don’t be a fool.

From here on out,  it’s TEXANS who RULE.

by Patricia A. Jones



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