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Texans Gear Up to Kill Perry’s Trans-Texas Water Highway

Feral Hogs aren't the only hogs running wild in Texas.

The people of Texas killed the grand scheme of the Trans-Texas Corridor. But according to Independent Texans, the state's only voter association for non-aligned and independent voters, the tentacles of the TTC still need to be cut-off, namely: the legislature's dangerous plan to move groundwater around the state. This Tuesday, the Natural Resources Committee in the Texas House will deliberate on the house version of SB 332, HB 1730 for "vested" water rights. They say that the bill is just part of an overall plan for groundwater transport that includes constitutional amendments that will make taxpayers pay for expensive pipelines and other projects, and to gain new taxing authority for the state — all to enrich private developers and water profiteers. (See SJR 25, HJR 137 and HJR 138.)

Larry Joe Doherty is a well-known wildlife advocate and attorney from Washington County who recently resigned from the Texas Wildlife Association Board because of their support for vested water rights. Doherty said, "The water pipelines of the Trans-Texas Corridor did not die with the pavement. Profiteers are still trying to steal water from rural Texas and use so-called eminent domain land reform to triple-tax us to pay for it — first, to the big landowners who are selling their water rights, second to the companies who want to move the water, and third to the state for a whole new taxing authority."

Texans are calling their legislators and signing the “Kill the Trans-Texas Water Highway” petition at the Independent Texans’ website at

Natural Resources Committee in the Texas House: again, please call or email them before Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. to VOTE NO ON HB 1730

R Dist. #21, Nederwald, Chairman Rep. Allan Ritter, Office 1W.3 512.463-0706& FAX (512) 463-1861

R-Dist. #57-McLennan, Falls, Robertson, Leon & Madison Counties), Rep. Marva Beck, Office E1.310, 512.463-0508& FAX (512) 463-5934,

R Dist. #16-Conroe, Rep. Brandon Creighton, Office E2.210, 512.463- 0726& FAX (512) 463-8428

R Dist. #11-Jacksonville, Hopson, Chuck GW.6, 512.463-0592& FAX (512) 463-8792

D Dist. #80-Eagle Pass, Rep. Tracy King ,Office GW.7, 512.463-463-0194 & FAX (512) 463-1220

R Dist. #60-Granbury, Rep. Jim Keffer, Office 1N.12, 512.463- 0656& FAX (512) 478-8805

R Dist. #122-San Antonio, Rep. Lyle Larson, Office E2.816, 512.463-0646& FAX (512) 463-0893

D Dist. #38, Cameron-S. Texas, Rep. Eddie Lucio III, Office 2.510, 512.463- 0606& FAX (512) 463-0660

D Dist. #116, San Antonio Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, Office 4S.4 512.463-0616& FAX (512) 463-4873

R Dist., New Braunsfel, #73 Rep. Doug Miller, Office E1.314, 512.463-0325& FAX 830-625-1747

R Dist. #87, Amarillo, Rep. Walter "Four" Price, Office E2.704, 512.463-0470& FAX (512) 463-8003



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