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Prop 6 Stench — Gross and also Weird!

The Prop 6 stench is getting increasingly gross. It’s also getting weirder.

It was revealed today that Water Texas PAC will spend $2M for the $2B Perry crony water slush fund aka Prop 6.

Talk about stench — TransCanada even bellied up to the Prop 6 slop trough.  They’re the ones who are taking Texans’ land against their will through eminent domain so they can pump toxic sludge — diluted bitumen (aka tar sands) — over hundreds of Texas water ways!

Check out the Texans for Public Justice analysis of Water Texas PAC “Will $2M Water PAC Spawn a Perry Slush Fund?”:

A special thanks to Rep. David Simpson for continuing to work to defeat Prop 6.  See his op-ed in the Houston Chronicle today:

We were remiss in not publishing Debra Medina’s op-ed (opposite none other than the Governor himself) in the Tribune last week:

And, Greg Harmon’s op-ed in today’s Star-Telegram and the Ft. Worth Weekly gives some new terrific insights on Prop 6 and conservation:

If you’re on Facebook, be sure to like the Nix Prop 6 page and then use the “invite” button to ask your friends to like the page and keep it going:

We’re getting calls from across Texas!

Keep it up Texas!



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