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Pre-Holiday Quick Things To Do & Good Tidings!

*  After hearing your input, we have decided to join with We Texans, TURF (Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom) and TAG (Texans for Accountable Government) to call for hearings of the Land and Resource Management Committee in the Texas House on the plan to bring the Keystone XL (TransCanada) pipeline across the NE portion of our state.  We have questions, not yet answered, about the use of eminent domain to seize private property for this project.  We also have serious concerns about this pipeline crossing the Carrizo-Wildox aquifer that 12 million people depend on.

TO DO: Please click here to sign the petition/letter to the Chair, Vice-Chair and Texas House Speaker Strauss asking for hearings.

*  The Texas fling deadline (not to mention this election) is up in the air!  The filing deadline is going to reopen sometime, likely, in mid or even late, January.  Therefore there’s still time for reform candidates to run on any party line or independent.  Does anyone not yet get that politicians should not be able to draw their own district lines?  If you know good folks interested in running for office (on any party line or independent), who support redistricting reform, have them contact us asap.

*  The Texas water wars continue.  A great organization that is challenging in court how precious groundwater is mismanaged in Texas, is Environmental Stewardship.  Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to ES here.

THOSE AFFECTED BY THE BASTROP FIRE:  Please click here to go to the Bastrop County Taxpayers Association to learn about how you can get a reduction in your property taxes, if your home has been harmed, by joining with others similarly affected.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & good tidings to all and however you celebrate this time of year!

Linda Curtis, Independent Texans


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