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Pati Jacobs, Interim Judge & Important Updates!

A day after I sent this letter to the Bastrop Advertiser, I heard a rumor.  Supposedly, the Bastrop County Commissioners have agreed to appoint an Interim County Judge next Monday, March 26th.  If this rumor is correct, it won’t be Pati Jacobs.  It will be someone who hasn’t near the experience, dedication nor independence of Pati Jacobs.

The Commissioners can choose who they want, but they also risk throwing some of the 4 of 5 Commissioner seats up for grabs in this year’s election.

Those seats are:

•  County Judge, recently vacated by Judge McDonald.  Candidates currently include:  Republican Paul Pape and Democrats Ed Rivers and Joe Ternus.

•  Commissioner Precinct 1, currently held by Republican Willie Pina who will face a competitive Democratic challenge from either Bill Peterson or Victor Gonzalez.

•  Commissioner Precinct 3, currently held by Democrat John Klaus, who will face Republican Fred Ensinger.

•  Commissioner Precinct 4, being vacated by Democrat Vivian Dildy, with a highly competitive race on both the Democratic side between Michael Flowers, Llston Crim, Keith Joesel or Paul Mogonye and on Republican the side from Ron Jay, Gary “Bubba” Snowden or Chris Cannon.

The “Wild Cards” — the small “i” unaffiliated independents!

Two Cedar Creek residents have filed to run as independents.  Shelley Cartier filed to run for County Judge and Phil Cook has filed to run for Commissioner Precinct 3.  They will need your help getting the signatures required for independents to be on the ballot in the general election in November.  Signatures are due June 29th.

Independent voters can also settle the score in ALL of these races, if we organize now.

Come to a Specially Called Meeting:  Monday, April 2, 

6:30 pm at First National Bank (489 Hwy. 71 – main bank building)

Three things for you to do now before Monday, March 26th!

1.  Call or email all County Commissioners (click here for details) and urge them to appoint Pati if they want your vote and active participation.

2.  Come speak to the Commission next Monday, March 26, 9 a.m., second floor of the Courthouse.

3.  Spread the word about this on Facebook here or on our blog here – ask others to do the same.

We hope to see you on April 2, and if you are so moved, show up to the Commissioner’s Court next Monday at 9 a.m..

Act now or forever hold on to your wallets and your water!



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