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Megalomaniacs Anonymous

Check out today's Wall Street Journal article (use a Chrome browser), "Elon Musk is Planning a Texas Utopia -- His Own Town." It explains to us the raised arms. (Photo WSJ)

Elon's battle over Bastop isn't really about the richest man in the world conquering our community. It's about whether the chicken-scratching "little people" have it in them to wage a fight alongside all the folks fleeing California and coming to Texas.

Photos from Wall Street Journal

Californians have been through it and are still going through it. I refer to the quest of California politicos to bring the world to California -- "Californication" -- and engineering its water supply to build out a desert now known as Los Angeles. What folly, but it took a while to be proven the folly of the century.

Our fight is not with Elon, it's with the State of Texas.

Is the megalomania we see in the supremely brilliant Elon Musk not a reflection of our very American cultural worship of money and power? We think so. No where in our country is that worship more evident than in the halls of power seen in Austin, Texas -- both in the City of Austin and in state government. They want the world to move here while subsidizing hyper-industrial development along, even perhaps under, the Colorado River!

Chicken Scratchers of the world unite!

Photo from Wall Street Journal

We hope to see you at a meeting with Elon's representatives and the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality on March 21 at 7 pm at the Hampton Inn in Bastrop.

See the flyer here and bring a friend. Thanks to Keep Bastrop Boring, Friends of the Land, Environmental Stewardship, and Austin Interfaith for their efforts!

PS The Wall Street Journal article doesn't tell you anything about Elon's The Boring Company's plans to bore under the Colorado River. Even WSJ may not know much more than us chicken scratchers. We should all aim to find out.


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