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Pat Jones, our Secretary

Many of you have gotten to know our secretary, Pat Jones, who is disabled and has done a huge amount of work for us — all volunteer, of course. Pat is in the hospital and is doing okay, but it is not known yet when she will be released. If you would like to send her a note, please mail it to 207 Duncan, Hillsboro, Texas 76645.

You can also post a note at the bottom of this post to her.

We will be back to you about plans for the November election. If there is a hotly contested race in your area, reply to this message and let us know about it.

Below is an interview with the director of a new documentary about the natural gas industry and the dangers of hydraulic fracturing. This issue is all the buzz in the DFW area where fracturing is taking place throughout the area. Citizens are raising concerns about air and water pollution. If this documentary about water pollution, in particular, is even close to accurate, we have the following message for local, state and federal officials who are asleep at the wheel:

Citizens deserve the truth! Until we get it, the fracturing should be put on hold.

Watch this and forward this message.


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