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One tough Grandma indeed!

Carole Keeton Strayhorn spoke out several months ago against the Trans Texas Corridor. See the video and see why people last night in Denton got equally excited to hear her speak!

Read Linda’s latest report on what’s been going on;

The Grandma spoke at the Corridor hearing in Denton last night to a crowd of about 250 and practically brought the house down. It’s exciting to see a statewide elected official and gubernatorial candidate who will call Guv Goodhair on his public “tellings”, as she calls it, since TxDOT and company still think they can tell us to lay back and just accept their boondoggle.

Dems, Repubs, Libs, Greens and indys are showing up to share their disgust and to see what we can do together. That’s most exciting to us at Indy Texans – as a “fusion” outfit of split ticket voters.

While Grandma was beating the drum in Denton, I was at the hearing in Bonham, a small city of 10,000, and joined by Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin, who had been sent there by the Save Our County folks in Gainesville. SOC is part of our growing statewide coalition called “Triple R – Rout Rick’s Route, aka the Trans-Texas Corridor”. Farmers and ranchers were very upset that this huge project was going to greatly impact on their way of life. When I spoke about how the Governor and legislature placed Prop 15 — the Texas Mobility Fund — on the ballot in 2001, no where in the language was there anything about the Trans-Texas Corridor, yet TxDOT now cites its passage as their mandate to build the super-NAFTA highway — folks practically jumped out of their chairs. Clear ballot language is required in many other states. These are the kinds of reforms that we can win through statewide I&R — the mother of all reforms. 2/3 of the audience came to sign up with me to join our movement, including several grandma’s who were the most vocal and wanting to work for Guv Grandma!It’s going to take a unified movement to reroute Rick and enact I&R. Grandmas and grandkids of the world unite!



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