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No One Party Dictatorship – Boot Perry!

True independents don't like one-party dictatorships nor bald-face deceptions.

One big reason to Boot Perry — and vote for White or Glass — is it's only way to refute Perry's utterly false claims of a balanced budget, not to his claims about jobs.

Vote for Pati! Kleinschmidt gets a $150K boost from the House Speaker. Hmm, we wonder why…

The truth is: 1) state is about $20 billion in the hole, and 2) new jobs are likely more than offset by people moving to Texas in desperate search for work. Ordinary Texans shoulder the costs of growth. That includes the Governor's raid on our resources — water in particular. Don't believe us? Read the conservative Lubbock newspaper piece on Perry's false job and economic claims here.

Do not give one party total rule of Texas. Wanna talk about it? Your thoughts are welcome here.

Big News in District 17 (Bastrop, Burleson, Colorado, Lee & Fayette counties, and the western tip of Brazos County)

House Speaker Straus (R-San Antonio) gave Rep. Kleinschmidt a last minute $150K donation just following a decision by the 6 State Water Board appointees (all by Rick Perry), to push the water pipeline sending area groundwater to Hays County and San Antonio. But they cannot buy word of mouth – tell your neighbors to vote Pati Jacobs and hell no, our water won't go!

We refuse to get lost in the tragic shell game of Texas one-party rule! A little competition please.



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