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Nix Prop 6, We got in some licks! Bastrop/Lee/Hays Water War Escalates, East Texas Hearings!

Things are happening across Texas!  If they’re not happening where you are, we’ll help you make it happen.

Join us this Saturday, 9 a.m. on a statewide conference call if you want to help defeat Proposition 6, the “Water Heist Amendment” on the November ballot.  Just reply to this message.  We’ll send out the conference call line tomorrow or call us if you need to.


On Tuesday, Texas House Speaker Straus was with the big shots at the Dallas Chamber of Commerce touting Prop 6 to some of the state’s biggest water hogs.  The Speaker might be a little miffed at reporter, Gordon Dickson (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram), who decided to do a balanced piece on Prop 6. Yours truly got in some good licks! Check it out here:

Did you know there are three pipelines carrying highly toxic substances across East Texas?  A new independent outfit — the League of Independent Voters of Texas — is working with landowners and residents to push for public hearings on eminent domain abuse, public safety and protection of water resources in connection with three pipelines (the Keystone XL, Pegasus and Seaway) carrying diluted bitumen (aka “tar sands”).  If you live in East Texas or want to help from wherever you are, sign in at the Texas Pipeline Watch website here: 


The Hays County Commissioners Court, led by Hays County Judge Bert Cobb, pulled a fast one on Tuesday, getting into bed with Forestar Real Estate Group so they can — together — covet their neighbor’s water (Bastrop and Lee County). Cobb even had the temerity to proclaim that he’s for local control!  He must mean his local control over Lee and Bastrop counties’ water.  The 5-0 vote of the Commission was followed by a genuinely cowardly move to ask Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to cover their behinds with a ruling that they’re doing this legally.  Read it here:

Meanwhile, we hope to see you lovely Hays County folks, regardless of your party affiliation or lack thereof, at the Hays Constitutional Republican meeting next Wednesday.  Michele Gangnes and I are coming down from Bastrop. We speak just after Republican primary candidate for Governor, Tom Pauken.

Hays Constitutional Republicans Meeting, Wednesday, October 2 Wimberley VFW Post 6551 401 Jacob’s Well Road Curtis and Gangnes speak on Prop 6 at 7:30 pm (meeting starts at 6)


Landowners lost a skirmish in the water war by being denied a voice in the proceedings by the State Office of Administrative Hearings Judge, who is presiding over the hearing for Aqua Water’s challenge to the  EndOp permit application for 56K acre-feet/year from the Simsboro aquifer.  Just understand that even if Aqua and EndOp settle, which some observers are predicting, it will then go back to the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Board for their decision on the permit itself.  We thoroughly expect the good folks on the Lost Pines GCD to stand tall against EndOp, as they did with Forestar and LCRA. We — the people — need to continue to step up and organize to protect our water as we speak the truth about who is selling us out. We need to start naming names, Y’all.  We’re starting that real soon so pay attention!

“We have just begun to fight!”  John Paul Jones

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