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Nix Prop 6 Media Bonzanza Reached 1 Million Texans!

Luckily Texas media still likes to cover a good fight.  They did on Monday, big time.  Nix Prop 6ers probably reached 1 million Texans!

Some of this coverage is now on our “Nix Prop 6” page under the “October 14th Media Bonanza!” here:

The proponents of Prop Six are starting to come out of the woodwork with paid ads, paid phone bankers and false claims that Prop 6 is about conservation. It just isn’t so.

Watch this clip from KENS-TV with Sam Brannon and Terri Hall.  This is the truth and media’s starting to get a clue:

Here’s how we reach millions more Texans.  Just start blogging, writing letters to the editors, talking at the beauty shops, feed stores, coffee shops — you get the drill. If all of you do this, YOU have the capacity to reach millions more Texans — seriously!

Use all the information here on our “Nix Prop Six” blog page — you can social network it from there or even print out fliers:

Let us know how it’s going and we will pay if forward.

Early voting starts next Monday!  This is now in our hands — Texas voters, that is.



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