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May Day for Texas Independence!

The "regulars" in both major parties continue to push an incredibly costly special interest agenda, despite the major cuts affecting ordinary Texans. This is a $4 billion loss in revenues in under-valuations for high-end commercial and residential properties, and massive infrastructure giveaways the both state and city government are responsible for. Check it out:

The facts:

1. A recent study commissioned by small real estate developer Brian Rodgers showed that in Travis County (and city of Austin) alone, developers are off-loading the costs for new infrastructure (new schools, water treament, fire stations, etc.) for the newcomers to the tune of $150 million per year picked up by taxpayers! Then we get the double whammy with 40% under-valuations for large-scale commercial developments (not to mention $25% under-valuations for $1M+ homes.) The grand statewide total is $4 billion in missed tax dollars per year!

2. The same profiteers are pushing for costly pipelines to move groundwater to unsustainable (though very profitable) developments along the IH-35 Corridor where there is insufficient water, particularly in Hays County down to San Antonio. The Railroad Commission is also permitting massive amounts of precious groundwater — drinking water — for natural gas fracking!

3. Meanwhile, the cash cow incumbency protection racket for Rick Perry and his allies, in both parties, continues. We're talking about the Texas Enterprise and Special Events Funds. The latter one stinks so bad that last Thursday, Sen. Dan Patrick stood up with 9 of his colleagues in both parties on the Senate Finance Committee to say no to Comptroller Susan Combs' continued push for a $25 million/year/10 year subsidy of the Formula 1 racetrack in Austin. Hot off the press — billionaire F1 owner, Bernie Ecclestone, is under investigation in Germany for bribery! Maybe Combs should worry about holding on to her job after her office recently exposed 3.5 million Texans to identity theft.


1. Additional funds for controversial water projects (like the Trans-Texas Water Highway water pipelines) should be put on hold until public hearings are held throughout the state. Hearings should also address the fracking issue and serious conservation efforts. Sign the petition now and share it!

2. Senate Bill 299 for sales disclosure on real estate sales has been sitting like a beached whale in committee since Jan. 31st. Will someone in the business community step up to the plate and get this bill passed?

3. Cut the Governor's honey pots How 'bout a little shared sacrifice, including cutting that $9,000/mo. condo we're paying for?

Will you participate in this May Day (actually May 2nd) event by contacting your legislators? If yes, please send us a message here.

You can also visit our petition/action center to print out our "Kill the Trans-Texas Water Highway Petition" and flier.



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