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Legislature & Lost Pines Coverage Raise the Bar on Water War!

Congratulations for all those involved, especially the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District and the Brown family of Lee County, for standing tall against the water profiteers.  This could turn out to be a landmark fight for Texans, if the marketers keep pushing it, which is likely.

On an even more difficult note, the Legislature has passed $2B to be taken from the Rainy Day Fund for a water bank.  Those funds will, no doubt, be used for pipelines to move groundwater and for reservoirs. One such reservoir that NE Texans have been fighting for years, would flood heritage farmland for more water for Dallas, despite Dallas’ failure, so far, to implement water conservation on par with other major Texas cities.

The good news is that the $2B water deal will be on the November ballot!  So stay tuned for an analysis that will take some time.

I have not yet begun to fight! (John Paul Jones)

How ’bout you?



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