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Hot Off The Press…Strayhorn Calls For Clean Energy

Today, the Strayhorn campaign issued this press release;

STRAYHORN CALLS FOR CLEAN ENERGY FOR TEXANS, OPPOSES FAST-TRACKED ‘DIRTY’ COAL PLANTS Will Reverse Perry’s Order (DALLAS) — Texas Independent Candidate for Governor Carole Keeton Strayhorn today said she will change the state’s permitting process in order to fight air pollution and announced her opposition to “dirty” coal-fired power plants that Gov. Rick Perry ordered fast-tracked through the permitting system. “We first need to look to clean burning natural gas, wind energy, other renewables and energy conservation using the latest technology to meet our electricity needs,” Strayhorn said. “I will reverse this governor’s executive order, order a review of any final permit issued, appoint a clean air advocate to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and fight for clean energy using the latest technology to reduce pollution.” “In this 21st Century, Texans don’t want or need more outdated polluting coal plants crammed down our throats by Rick Perry,” Strayhorn said. Last October, Gov. Perry issued an executive order expediting plant permits for TXU Corp. and others. The utility company is racing to build 11 big coal-fired power plants impacting air quality most in Dallas and Waco.

Click on quote for the full press release. Furthermore, here is Carole, giving a speech at the Forth Worth Trans Texas Catastrophe hearing. Instead of doing all the press ops that Kinky has been doing, Carole is actually going around to important meetings to be heard and seen and focussing the media’s attention where it should be; on the issue, not on her personality. ‘Grandma or not! Ingrid


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