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Come to Giddings THIS Wednesday, 7 pm American Legion!

The vultures are circling the Lost Pines (Lee and Bastrop counties’ aquifer to be specific) to grab our groundwater quicker than a New York minute, especially in light of a the recent unholy alliance formed between Forestar Real Estate Group and the Hays County Commissioners Court.  (More below…)  Don’t worry, we are far from dead yet!

It is imperative that you come to the next Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District (Lost Pines GCD) meeting THIS COMING Wednesday, 7 pm, in Giddings at the American Legion in Giddings at 1502 U.S. 77.  Map here.)

An open letter was sent yesterday to the Lost Pines GCD by our coalition to share our thoughts and to support our district continuing to stand strong in light of a number of facts you need to know.  This letter, linked below, will provide some information for you to consider speaking about at the beginning of Wednesday’s meeting during Citizens’ Communication — shortly after 7 pm.  The district was nice enough to move us to the larger venue (the American Legion) so please come and bring the family!

Read the Coalition Letter right here on Environmental Stewardship’s blog:

Got questions?  Reply or give us a call.  Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

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