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Breaking: CBS News Reports Shoddy TransCanada work on Keystone XL, Won’t Someone Hear the Peo

There’s actually three pipelines carrying diluted bitumen (aka hazardous tar sands crude), throughout East Texas Keystone XL, Pegasus & Seaway

Did you see the report on CBS News about the shoddy work TransCanada is doing on the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas? Thanks to the consumer watchdog, Public Citizen, this report went national as the Keystone XL is hell-bent for leather to start pumping diluted bitumen (tar sands) over 100s of waterways.

Folks, there are two other such pipelines that get little attention — the Pegasus and the Seaway. Pegasus is temporarily shut down, due to a spill in Mayflower, AR last March that did great harm.

This is why citizens are holding informal hearings throughout East Texas!  They are preparing for worst-case scenarios and pushing our state officials to get off their duffs and do something besides carry water (clean water for the moment) for the oil and gas industry.

The hearings are listed below and also in the calendar section of Too far to come? Then at least share these with your East Texas friends!

Mark Your Calendars:  We’ll be holding an imortant post-mortem meeting on Prop 6  to strategize for the 2014 elections on Monday, December 2nd (location TBA) so keep an eye out and stay warm y’all!

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