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Blackland Coalition Campaign Stop a Success!

 View video segments of the wildly successful Blackland Coalition campaign stop for the candidates running for Governor of Texas held at Seaton Hall, just outside of Temple, Texas on Friday, March 23rd, 2006.

Blackland is a great organization. It started in April 2005, founded by ranchers and farmers who farm in the richest Texas farm soil (the blacklands). This meeting was attended by about 1,200 folks who are up in arms about the 8,000 mile, $187 billion NAFTA toll road corridor (The Trans Texas Corridor) which will result in the taking of 1 million acres of Texas farm and ranchland – and, without a vote of the people! (Visit and web sites for more information on the TTC.)

The candidates spoke in the following order: Independent candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn, independent Kinky Friedman and Democratic nominee, Chris Bell. Governor Rick Perry, who negotiated the 8,000 mile Trans Texas NAFTA Toll Road Corridor in secret with a foreign company for profit – (CINTRA) – not surprisingly, refused to attend this first opportunity for Texans to see all the candidates in one forum.

I was given an opportunity to speak at the end of the forum. I pointed out how all three candidates are good folks, and as Ross Perot once said, “we have good people running in a bad system”. I shared with people my “biased opinion” as to why I am supporting Carole Keeton Strayhorn — although this organization, Independent Texans has not yet endorsed and all members will have the opportunity to vote on the endorsement after the petition drives are done. And, all of us are “Kinky” fans and many are actively supporting the Kinkster.

Watch all these videos — Carole, Kinky and even Chris Bell are VERY funny. A suggestion as you’re watching — who, do you think, not simply understands the issues, who not only is taking action for the fundamental political reforms needed in this state (starting with statewide initiative and referendum), but, most important is positioned to help us win recogntion for and to unleash the power of the state’s 35% (4 million) independent, non-aligned voters! Then, send me a note or call me and we’ll talk about how you can join the army to take back Texas, y’all! — Linda Curtis, founder Independent Texans, (Thanks to Dan Rigney for taping for us!)



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