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BIG Decisions on Water in Bastrop Could Set Wonderful or Terrible Precedent — be there Wednesd

Whether you live in Bastrop or Lee counties, surrounding counties served by the same aquifer, or across the drought ridden landscape of Texas, this applies to you!

If you live anywhere in Texas, please be sure to sign the email/letter to the Lost Pines GCD and our state officials for this area by clicking here.  I believe that Senators Watson and Hegar are interested in higher state office.  You can add your own comments in the space between your email and the text of the letter.

A very BIG decision will be made this Wednesday night at 7 pm at Bastrop City Hall by  the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District (LPGCD).  There are permit applications, the vast majority of which are for the exportation of water to Travis, Williamson and Hays counties, that could do great harm to our aquifer, our region and , our region, and set a terrible precedent for water and fiscal waste in our state.

Below is a letter I have sent to my County Commissioner (Bastrop), Clara Beckett, after I called her office.  If you live in Bastrop or Lee counties, please consider sending a similar personalized message to your County Commissioner urging them to attend this meeting.  Bastrop and Lee County Commissioners have appointed members of the LPGCD, so this is why the buck stops with your County Commissioner.

Go here for a list of Bastrop County Commissioners and here for Lee County Commissioners.  I suggest you call AND email your commissioner.  County Commissioners appoint members of the groundwater district, so the buck stops with them.

You can use the share button on this page, if you do social networking on the internet.

If you’re local PLEASE SHOW UP this Wednesday.  Be aware that in the past the LPGCD has taken a strong stand to protect our groundwater.  We are counting on them to do the same again.  If you speak (you’ll have 3 minutes), thank them for doing so in the past and ask them to keep doing the right thing, even if they are under great pressure to do otherwise.

If we run out of water and you did nothing (even if you’re so cynical you think it won’t do any good) you will be part of the problem.

It’s time for ALL citizens to stand up, show up and speak up — or forever hold your peace!

Example:  Letter to Bastrop County Commissioner, Clara Beckett:

Hello Commissioner Beckett:

I am sure you are aware that the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District is considering a host of permit applications amounting to at least 124,000 acre feet from the Simsboro Aquifer, this Wednesday at 7 pm at City Hall.

I ask that you attend this important meeting to express your concerns for the potential over-pumping of our aquifer.  If you need further information on this point, please call Joe Cooper with the LPGCD.  Though Joe must stay neutral, he can answer questions that you might have that I cannot as a non-expert.

My concern is both about over-pumping and that the majority of acre permit requests (106,000 acre feet) is for export to other counties outside our district — to Hays, Williamson and Travis counties.  While I understand people need water, it defies common sense to steal from Peter to pay Paul.  Bastrop and Lee counties need our water here — for development and local agriculture and the jobs that are going to be here, if we manage our water properly.

The Texas water crisis is forcing us all to take stock of what is most important in our lives.  These are very difficult questions.  I personally believe there must be a balance.  At some point, officials are going to have to choose between development, agriculture and other needs (like oil and gas) specific to their location in the state.

I want you to know that we (me personally together with, I believe, thousands of your constituents) will have your back if you take a stand that protects our water from foolish and hasty decisions that could be made starting on Wednesday.

I suspect you agree, but we really need to hear from you.

Call or reply anytime, but I really hope to see you Wednesday.


Linda Curtis Independent Texans PO Box 651 Bastrop, TX 78602 512-535-0989 office 512-657-2089 cell

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