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A Victory the Size of Texas! Get the Independent Story.

The people of Texas have killed the grand scheme of the Trans-Texas Corridor and, in so doing, won an 8-year war with Governor Rick Perry and his allies. We were told it was the done deal of the century, but we proved them wrong. Read the independent story here:

ANNOUNCEMENTS! Please note: We have a new section for announcements of events. Check out our event in Bastrop next Wed. (Aug. 18) and the next Farm and Freedom Ranch Alliance statewide conference scheduled for Austin on September 13th & 14th.

Congratulations to member David Schraub of Texas Pure Rain (Smithville), who scored this front page piece in the Austin Business Journal. Thank you, Dave and all your partners, for creating this innovative new business in rural Texas!:

Contribute to Our Ongoing Work! We know that some of you are not in a position to contribute financially to support our on-going work, but if you are, please give by sending a check to Independent Texans at the PO Box below, or you can give a secure online donation here. We have a lot more kickin’ up a fuss to do to open up and clean up Texas politics! Boy howdy you can say that again.



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