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A Representative Government, Part II

The Hankster: NATIONAL: Independent voters need to demand full debate on the war and US foreign policy . This post at The Hankster inspires me to finish what I started in my previous post. I am an independent, moderate liberal. I generally don’t trust Democrats or Republicans, and I’ll explain my feelings on that. Both parties are beholding more and more every day to their individual special interests, and beholding more and more to the corporate dollar. So who do they answer to under these circumstances? It obviously isn’t us. Both sides are out of touch, many of them rarely set foot in the districts that elected them (except when they’re running for office); so that the only feedback they’re getting is from each other, just like two football teams huddled opposite one another, getting ready to battle to win, not to represent us. Half of all Democrats don’t know what they stand for. Another high percentage of them know what they stand for but don’t have the guts to stand up and fight for it. So yes, in many ways it’s a party of flipfloppers, good intentions or not. Yes, there are those Democrats I don’t agree with ideologically. Half of all Republicans know what they stand for but don’t believe in what they stand for…they’re just being politically expedient; thus, in my opinion, the ever-increasing shift further right. Most of the rest I simply don’t agree with ideologically and feel they’re not open minded enough to ever think they could be wrong. Remember the old adage: There’s your truth, my truth and the truth. Both parties are out of touch with mainstream America. They’ve pushed each other further and further in opposite directions. They also seem more and more intent on telling the American public what the other half thinks and not taking the effort to understand how we all think. So I’ll be supporting even more independents than usual. We have to show the two comfortable, entrenched, out-of-touch parties that they can’t take our votes for granted any longer. We need politicians who are accountable to us, the citizens, and us only. Also keep in mind that you should vote for the person who will represent you and your district the best, that Independents with a capital I can be no different than capital D’s and R’s. Please read a great article on being a true independent. So while I think now is the time for independents to seize the day, we must always be informed and vote for the best candidate for US.



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