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Truth Be Tolled, First Texas, than the rest of America

“This Government (when speaking of Perry’s administration) reminds me of the “Pa” Ferguson administration” , Pat Choate, speaking after the showing of the disturbing, sobering and cinematically beautiful documentary “Truth Be Tolled”. Ya’ll in Texas who have lived here for many years or who grew up here will automatically understand the referral. For those who don’t, you can only imagine what that is referring to knowing the current corrupt Perry administration. Pat Choate referred to a group of Republicans as a “rump group” which in essence has come away from the Republican Party (of Texas) and run amoc with corruption and a sell out to the highway lobby for their own gain. Of course, as I am listening to his latter comment, I can’t help but think hmmm..which ‘other’ government does that remind me off? I’ll give you one hint; it’s still a domestic one and it’s put us in debt for many generations to come. No, no more hints! In the meantime, these are the position of both the Democrat and the Republican Party of Texas re. toll roads and the Trans-Texas Corridor:

“Trans Texas Corridor: Because there are issues of confiscation of private lands, State and National Sovereignty and other similar concerns, we urge the repeal of the Trans-Texas Corridor Legislation” page 10 “Tolls on existing roads”:We oppose tolls charged for traversing previously toll free roadways except for maintenance on existing toll roads already paid for.” page 24 To be found HERE

Last night, I was not only stirred into experiencing the utmost disgust and dismay at the level of corruption discussed in the documentary, and the level of TXDOT’s disingenuous sherade of public hearings that merely served to be a “dog and pony show” for the sake of official records, but I was stirred into feeling impressed, heartened and touched by the genuine passion and love and care of all the individual activists, and local (elected) officials (mayors and aldermen) who stood up and said no, this is not in our interest and we KNOW that you know that WE KNOW, we’re not going to take it. Ordinary citizens like you and me, who woke up and smelled the coffee. People who I liken to be the gatekeepers, when you and I were asleep at the wheel for whatever reason. The people who spoke in the documentary, the activists and the citizens at the hearings alike, spoke with clarity, eloquence and showed a knowledge that said, you can’t pull the wool over our eyes. If there is ever a grassroots movement that can undo Perry’s administration of his toll road and Trans Texas Corridor deals, it is this one. All over Texas, TXDOT is readying existing roads for the toll booths and lights for the lights that direct you into open or closed lanes. The ONLY way this movement can overthrow the wheelers and dealers, is by everyone stepping up to the plate and waking up. Unlike the official rhetoric that says “it’s a done deal”, this is still a democracy where the next elected official can undo any deal with the help of the people!

As it is important to understand another issue: this Trans Texas Corridor and the manner by which it was secretly planned and pursued, should give you an inkling as to how it is going to continue up North, one state at a time. This is not solely a Texas issue, but a national one. One that of course also has the blessing of our national (federal) government. That should also give you an inkling; the Trans-Texas Corridor will be the biggest eminent domain grab in the history of this country. And it will continue as they are planning to built if from here (TX) up to Canada.

Any organization can request a FREE copy of Bill Molina’s excellent documentary ‘Truth Be Tolled’, please click on the link to do so and help spread the word. Rural Texas is mad, but the millions of voters who need to push Perry of the edge live in the cities. This is your turn to step up to the plate and put your money where you mouth is. I strongly encourage you too.

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