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Trans-Texas Corridor hot issue for election

Slowly but surely the news is picking it up; the Trans Texas Corridor is a hot issue for this election AND Carole Keeton Strayhorn is one of the most vocal and steadfast opponent on this:

While wide open spaces separate the landowners in the path of the TTC, they are very much together in opposing it and have lots of company. The Texas Farm Bureau, and even the Texas Republican Party, is against the TTC.  and Strayhorn attended many of the public hearing on the TTC over the summer. “They are literally cramming toll roads down Texans’ throats; and the people don’t want it,” she said.

Read the article in full.

The latest at Corridor Watch:

  Associated Press’ FACT CHECK Wrong – OCT. 15, 2006

The Associated Press released analysis of a campaign ad today erroneously stating that Spain-based Cintra holds a 65-percent equity position in Cintra Zachry LP. That’s wrong. The correct equity position is 85-percent with Zachry Construction holding the small 15-percent equity balance. Zachry holds a larger 35-percent position in their collaboration with Cintra on SH-130 segments 5 and 6.

Read the rest of their article at Corridor Watch.


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