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Texas Water Wars Conference: March 19th – Y’all Come!

It is time for you to make a reservation to the Texas Water Wars Conference in Cedar Creek* on Saturday, March 19th. Yes, it is a free event! Yes, it is at the beautiful McKinney Roughs Nature Park. And, yes, we have a terrific line-up of speakers (see below) and this is an ACTION conference.

The Ft. Worth Weekly ran a story about our call for a Moratorium on water permits and this conference. Yet, so far, we have no reservations from our DFW area friends. We'll make you DFW'ers a deal — we'll provide you a free and scrumptious lunch!

Did we tell you this is an ACTION conference? That means we need you to be there, especially for that planning workshop at the very end.

Spread the word, won't you, throughout the Lone Star State! Below is a conference agenda and a flier.


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