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2010 Texas Governor’s Dialogue

To start off the dialogue on why we urge Texas voters to boot Perry, here’s a letter to someone who contacted us for clarification on why they should vote for Bill White (Democrat) or Kathie Glass (Libertarian).  Please comment at the end of this article.

Hello Mr. _________:

We appreciate you contacting us and sharing your sentiments.  You have to hand it to Rick Perry.  The Governor is a magnificent magician.  Somehow he has made a $21-25 billion deficit disappear.  But don’t worry, it will reappear right after the election when legislature will have to deal with this crushing reality.

Both parties and, yes, we the people, are responsible for the mess we’re in.  For us independents, it’s a tactical question of how to use our votes to create some openings these next few years for the independent movement of ordinary citizens to get in on the conversation of what we’re going to do about our problems.

Giving either party total control over all branches of state government is, in our view, a big mistake. It’s an invitation for more corruption — and the corruption tax in this state is the tax to really watch.  It will be hidden in energy and water costs and the costs of undermining independent family farms.

The Governor and those who demonize Obama are just the reflection of those who demonized George Bush.  That game has   us, ordinary citizens, fighting amongst ourselves while they split up the spoils of their war.

There is a better way and the future is ours.

Independently yours,

Linda Curtis

Independent Texans



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