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The mission of Independent Texans PAC is to support candidates, parties and ballot measures designed to open up and clean up governance in Texas. In so doing, we seek to develop, educate and organize self-identified independent voters by engaging them in grassroots “shoe-leather” political campaigns. Our goal is to swing elections in service of more competitive elections -- more choices at the ballot box.


Contact us to get involved!


Bring a clipboard and a good pair of walking shoes or we’ll put you on the phone to talk — not just text — real people!


Political independents, not aligned with any party, continue to be about 42% of the American electorate, with 29% Democrats and 26% Republicans. Check the latest Gallup poll


Read a little more history about our approach at the "Poorest Little PAC in Texas."

For the 2022 Mid-Term Election in Texas, our efforts are focused on candidates — of any party — who scored well on the League of Independent Voters of Texas (LIV) extensive voter survey listed on this page at LIV.

Are you an independent voter? Check out the nonpartisan, nonprofit LIV and become a member.

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